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California STD Testing

We provide quick, convenient, and confidential STD testing in California. We understand that STD testing can be overwhelming, which is why we have done everything possible to ensure that the testing experiencing is stress and hassle free!

At California STD Testing, we put our customers' health and best interests first. We guarantee the highest quality STD testing in California, with accuracy rates above 98%. We offer the lowest prices and only use the STD tests most highly recommended by the CDC. To cover all of our customers' needs and concerns, we offer a variety of tests and panels for our clients to choose from. Call us now to determine which test is right for you 1-888-334-4972.

For ultimate ease and convenience, we offer same day STD testing with no appointment needed. At our testing centers, the entire process only takes about fifteen minutes and does not require you to get swabbed or undressed. The only samples you need to provide are urine and/or a small blood draw.

We understand the importance of receiving your results quickly, which is why we provide your results within 24-72 hours of receiving your specimen. Please call us at 1-888-334-4972 to receive your results by your case manager.

Should the results from your test turn out positive, we offer a complimentary consultation to answer all of your questions and help determine a treatment plan. We also offer prescriptions for some STDs. Call us to order today at 1-888-334-4972.

Our Testimonials

Anonymous. from San Fransisco, CA

I didn't want my private medical testing to be known to my insurance company so I choose California STD Testing. Their process was efficient and confidential. I would recommend them and use them again.