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STD Testing San Diego

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STD Testing San Diego

STD Testing San Diego offers confidential testing in the San Diego area. Our testing services are fast, local, accurate and completely confidential. We understand that testing can be extremely stressful, so we strive to make the process as comfortable as possible. Not only will you receive the utmost professional care, but we make testing as convenient as possible.

Our laboratory network spans entire state of California, so setting an appointment up that fits with your schedule is simply a five-minute phone call away.

Our testing methods are the most reliable and current forms of testing available. Not only do we offer basic STD testing, but we also can provide early detection testing. Call STD Testing San Diego today to speak with one of our health counselors and receive a free consultation.


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I didn't want my private STD testing to be known to my insurance company so I choose California Medical Labs. Their process was efficient and confidential. I would recommend them and use them again.

- Anonymous

San Diego STD Incidence Rates

155,000 plus cases of Chlamydia. 26,000 plus cases of Gonorrhea. 2,000 plus cases of primary and secondary Syphilis. California accounts for close to 15% of all Primary and Secondary cases of Syphilis in the US. California has the 2nd highest HIV/AIDS incidence rate in the US. Around 190,000 people in California are infected with HIV.

San Diego STD Symptoms

Engaging in sexual intercourse of any kind, especially without protection, puts you at great risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease. While some STDs produce obvious symptoms, others are asymptomatic, making it crucial that you undergo regular STD testing. In general, symptoms include: thick, odorous, or discolored discharge; a burning sensation while urinating; pain during intercourse; itching in or around the genitals; irregular menstrual bleeding; and flu-like symptoms. It is important to understand that this list is not comprehensive list and some STDs may have symptoms not mentioned or have no symptoms at all. If you are suffering from any STD symptoms or think you might have contracted an STD, contact your local STD Testing San Diego center immediately to schedule your test.